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Are you looking for a professional and reliable company to install a concrete pool surround for your new or existing pool in Port Macquarie? If so, you have come to the right place. Port Macquarie Concreting Solutions is your local expert in concrete pool surround installation. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and we have completed hundreds of successful projects for our satisfied customers.

Whether you want a simple and elegant plain concrete pool surround, a vibrant and colourful coloured concrete pool surround, or a stylish and sophisticated exposed aggregate pool surround, we can do it all. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

Pool Surrounds Installation in Port Macquarie

Why Choose Us For Concrete Pool Surround Installation?

There are many reasons why you should choose Port Macquarie Concreting Solutions for your concrete pool surround installation. Here are some of them:

Why Choose Concrete For Your New Pool Surround?

Concrete stands out as a leading and adaptable choice for pool surrounds, surpassing alternatives like pavers or asphalt in various ways. Here are the advantages of opting for concrete pool surrounds:

Styles Of Concrete Pool Surrounds We Install in Port Macquarie

At Port Macquarie Concreting Solutions, we offer a range of styles and finishes for concrete pool surrounds. You can choose from:

Concrete Pool Surround Installation Process

The concrete pool surround installation process involves the following steps:

FAQs About Concrete Pool Surround Installation

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about concrete pool surround installation in Port Macquarie:

The installation time depends on the size and complexity of the project, but it usually takes between 3 to 7 days, excluding the curing time.

The cost of a concrete pool surround varies depending on the style, colour, finish, and area of the project, but it usually ranges from $50 to $150 per square metre, excluding the site preparation and other factors.

You can start walking on your concrete pool surround after 24 hours, but you should avoid heavy traffic or furniture for at least 7 days, or until the concrete is fully cured and sealed.

The thickness of concrete pool surrounds depends on the soil condition and the load capacity, but it usually ranges from 100 to 150 millimetres, with a minimum of 25 millimetres of cover over the reinforcement.

Yes, concrete pool surround is a good investment, as it adds value and appeal to your property, and it lasts for a long time with proper care and maintenance.

Yes, non-slip materials can be used for the pool surround, such as exposed aggregate, broomed, or stamped concrete, which provide a textured and slip-resistant surface. You can also add anti-slip additives to the sealer, or apply non-slip mats or strips to the pool surround.

You can clean and maintain your concrete pool surround by sweeping or hosing it regularly, and by using a mild detergent or a concrete cleaner for stubborn stains or spills. You should also reseal your concrete pool surround every 2 to 3 years, or as needed, to keep it protected and looking new.

Some of the common problems or issues with concrete pool surrounds are cracking, scaling, spalling, efflorescence, and discolouration, which can be caused by poor installation, inadequate curing, extreme weather, pool chemicals, or lack of maintenance. You can prevent or repair these problems by hiring a professional concreter, following the proper installation and curing procedures, using the right type and amount of concrete and reinforcement, applying a sealer and a curing compound, and cleaning and maintaining your concrete pool surround regularly.

Yes, you can repair or resurface your existing concrete pool surround, depending on the extent and severity of the damage. You can use a concrete patch, a crack filler, or a resurfacing product to fix minor cracks, holes, or chips. You can also use a concrete overlay, a concrete stain, or a concrete coating to change the colour, texture, or pattern of your concrete pool surround. However, if your concrete pool surround is severely damaged, cracked, or uneven, you may need to replace it entirely.

No, we do not recommend DIYing your concrete pool surround installation, as it is a complex and challenging task that requires skill, experience, and equipment. You may end up with a poor-quality, unsafe, or unsightly result that may cost you more time, money, and hassle in the long run. You may also void your warranty or violate the building codes or regulations. It is best to leave your concrete pool surround installation to the professionals, who can guarantee a high-quality, durable, and beautiful result.

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If you are ready to transform your pool area with a concrete pool surround, contact Port Macquarie Concreting Solutions today. We are your trusted and experienced partner for concrete pool surround installation in Port Macquarie and surrounding areas. We will provide you with a free quote and consultation, and we will work with you to create a concrete pool surround that suits your needs, budget, and style. Call us now or fill out the online form to get started.
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